SCORE - http://www.score.org/
Small Business Association
"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand - Most influential fiction book about the struggle of entrepreneurs (now a movie) in the world besides the bible according to the Library of Congress
Think and Grow Rich
Business podcasts - ex. Freaking Genius Nation
Mentorship meetings
Networking events
Chamber of Commerce

Empowerment and Survival Camp:
Boulder Outdoor Survival School - Since 1968, BOSS has delivered life-changing, wilderness-based experiences to adventurous people all over the world. "Know more, carry less" is one of our core philosophies and at BOSS, students are taught how indigenous cultures around the world could often survive and even thrive without all the modern equipment people today feel is necessary. As a result of their time on the trail with us, people gain competency in the wilderness and confidence in themselves. http://www.boss-inc.com/

On Point Tactical - A premier provider of scout, tracker and wilderness survival skills athat bridge the gap between the ancient and the modern. onPoint Tacktical weaves traditioal and modern skill sets into a holistic composite. Although its primary customers are the military, law enforcement and government security contractors, On Point Tactical also offers courses for civilian customers who are interested ina closer connection to their ancient heritage or who want to be prepared for uncertain times. The course focuses on small class sizes with personalizedinstruction and the teaching methodology leverages hands-on repetative training drills. onPoint's no-nonsense, sensible educational approach is both practical and relevant to real-world conditions and situations.


Public Speaking:
Toastmasters - A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere. There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success. Meeting participants also give impromptu talks on assigned topics. .Members learn communication skills by working in the Competent Communication manual, a series of 10 self-paced speaking assignments designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking.

Educational Games:
Blunders - is the perfect game for playing at home, school, or with any social club or group, it is multi-cultural, is based on universal values, and develops all styles of learning.  According to a child psychiatrist, Blunders® is the ideal game to play with children with special needs. The game was launched by Successful Kids, Inc. at the 2008 International Toy Fair and it has now received nine prestigious awards including the Game of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine and the Dr. Toy, Creative Child Preferred Choice, and iParenting Media Awards, the National Parenting Center and Mr. Dad Seals of Approval, and three Toy Man Awards including the eChoice Award, Seal of Approval, and the Award of Excellence. The game teaches topics including:

  • Set the table correctly and use polite table manners.
  • Introduce themselves and others with confidence.
  • Be a polite guest and gracious host.
  • Have courteous telephone manners.
  • Show respect and kindness to adults, peers, and siblings.
  • Avoid engaging in bullying, teasing and gossip.
  • Encourage nice manners at school and in all social situations.

Homeboy Industries
Gang prevention and rehabilittion program. Serves high risk, formerly gang involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs and operates seven social enterprises that serve as job training sites. The organization provides consulting to youth programs all over the world and has been recognized. Homeboy played an integral role in replacing the "tough on crime" mantra that predominated in the 1980's and 1990's with a "smart on crime" model that many police and sheriff's department have adopted nationwide. Homeboy has also been enlisted to provide consultation to prison systems on developing a hybrid model for bringing meaningful social enterprise work into the prison itself to begin the process of training people and providing hope and support while they are still incarcerated. This would provide job skills but also offer employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals as soon as they leave the prison.

Image Consulting/Personal Stylist:

Styleauteur - Lauren Rothman, Founder of Styleauteur, is a fashion, style, and trend expert. At the vanguard of emerging trends, Lauren is in high demand for her unique talent of demystifying the world of fashion and discussing ‘what’s hot’ for the season on television, radio, and in print. Known as the essential style contributor, Lauren is regularly featured in segments covering all wavelengths of the style spectrum, from back to school to campaign trail fashion on networks like Fox, CBS, and ABC, as well as Washington, DC local morning show Let’s Talk Live. Her tips on wardrobe management and creating a versatile, fashion-forward closet have also been featured in Glamour, Real Simple, and Washingtonian magazines, Politico, The Huffington Post and on NPR and XM/Sirius radio and author of the book "Style Bible - What to Wear to Work."

Heifer.com - You donate an animal of varying types to an impoverished family overseas in the name of a loved one or from your family. Since 1944 Heifer International has reinvigorated communities and alleviated hunger and poverty.

Zion Boys Orphanage - http://www.zionorphanage.com/en/ -  A trendsetting orphanage that trailblazes the blueprint for the orphanage model worldwide. Following morning and early afternoon school, the children return home to the Zion Orphanage for a hot lunch followed by all sorts of afternoon activities and therapies including gymnastics, martial arts, volleyball, soccer, arts and crafts, animal-assisted therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, computer games, computer graphics, library time, electronics and more. Please join us in providing these precious children with the physical, emotional and educational needs they so richly deserve.

Lev la Lev Girls Orphanage - http://www.levlalev.com/site/PageServer?pagename=WhatWeDo

A trendsetting orphanage that trailblazes the blueprint for the orphanage model worldwide. Tutoring, Mental health services, Dental care, Summer camp and programs, Recreational and educational trips throughout the year, Holiday celebrations, Birthday parties, Bat Mitzvah celebrations and music, art and drama lessons in addition to school and holiday shoes, clothing for each girl, computer media center, outdoor playground, purchase of new musical instruments for Music Room, wedding expenses and new married home set up furnishings.

Shelterboxusa.org - ShelterBox aid is tailored to a disaster but typically includes a disaster relief tent for a family, thermal blankets and groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, solar lamps, cooking utensils, a basic tool kit, mosquito nets and children’s activity pack.

Self Defense: http://synergy-selfdefense.com/category/kids/ - Conflict Management Expert , Leadership/Executive Coach and Self Defense Trainer, Dave Gerber, also has past High School teaching, K-12 educator training, coaching and summer camp experience which is beyond most in the field. His leadership training skills and experience working with over 10,000 children and adults in diverse learning environments is also unique to this industry and is priceless when it comes your children. He is the author of many books including “L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense™: For Kids from a Kid” and “L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense™: Kids’ Ground Techniques and More” with his daughter and Junior Academy Leader, Jessie Gerber

http://chabadrehab.com - holistic addiction and mental illness treatment center in Los Angeles, CA that accepts patients from across the country.

Responsibility: Rocklands Farm Chick Rental, Easter weekend, 14525 Montevideo Rd, Poolesville, MD 20837, www.rocklandsfarmmd.com. The farm provides all of the supplies to care for the chick for 7 days. Your child learns about the responsibility of caring for a pet and enjoys the novelty of temporarily fostering an adorable and unique animal. Great for show and tell! Register ahead of time online.