Success Stories

Life Coaching and Business Coaching
"I have made tremendous strides in a very short period of time and I am proud of my progress. I have quit smoking and drinking cold turkey. I released deep feelings of joy and sadness. I have had a consistent and reliable confidant that I can trust, gotten more organized in my business regimen and made strides in my relationship with my husband.

I did it all and Deborah humbly supported me through the process. She surprised me and mailed me a gratitude journal which can be incorporated as a family tradition. She also took the time to research and send me additional holistic health resources which can serve as helpful and inspiring tools for myself and others. Deborah Block goes above and beyond and I look forward to building on our relationship in the future." Luanne. B., La Plata, Maryland

Career and Life Coaching

"If she could do it for me, she can do it for you!  Deborah Joy is an amazing life coach.  She helps you open up, evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, explores your vulnerabilities and then sets you up on a structured accountable path to success.  Over the course of numerous sessions spread out through a period of time, Deborah took this once “shy guy” and helped to transform me into a dynamic, confident, and successful entrepreneur.  Deborah draws from her wealth of knowledge and personal experience to provide valuable insights and help you discover your best self.  Whether you need assistance with public speaking, business skills, overcoming fears, social confidence, family drama, or other issues, working with Deborah will change your life and your investment in yourself will pay dividends." -- Andrew, Fairfax, VA

Public Speaking & Life Coaching

"I worked with Back to Basics in the area of public image, social skills, professional development and personal growth. Deborah Block helped a once wall flower develop and acquire the confidence, style and and professional tools to transition out of a comfortable and traditional field and become a successful public speaker, entrepreneur, leader in the community and entertainer. She also inspired me to explore a variety of hobbies and sports that have contributed to my enhanced health and enlarged social network of support. I am grateful for her patience and support." - - Anonymous, Alexandria, VA

Relationship & Image Consulting

Back to Basics helped me with developing and exuding confidence in the social and romantic sphere so I could capture and keep a woman's interest. Their approach is holistic so they tackle many layers and various areas including the mental, emotional, physical, social, artistic and spiritual. I learned the values and characteristics that constitute a priceless partner and how to recognize and be worthy of that partner when we meet. When I get engaged, I will also look forward to using my newfound dance skills during my First Dance at my wedding! -- Anonymous, Alexandria, VA

Image Consultant for the Spotlight

"We were so glad we used the services of an wedding dance designer, Deborah Block. She was very personable and new exactly how to pick the right dance for our difficult song choice and give us techniques to look polished and confident in the spotlight. If you're looking for something other than a generic sway, Deborah Block is the national expert and definitely the person for the job!  The experience was great! We learned our "First Dance" in just a couple of lessons and made quite an impression at out wedding in South Africa. I am a professional DJ/MC and I have referred Deborah Block and her company to all my clients every chance I get!"

-- Jake Ritchie, President of the Disc Jockey Association of Virginia

Image Consulting
" Deborah Block took us from having no dance skills to being able to dance at our wedding. We highly recommend her. Our First Dance was a huge hit! Robert did the lift wonderfully and the dip was great too! We also did a lot of fun, fast dancing during the reception. Everyone was so surprised because we are usually pretty reserved and rarely dance; thus it was that much sweeter! Thanks for your help we appreciate it!”  -- U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast, Kerri Strug and husband Robert Fischer

Social Skills - Public Schools - K-12 Afterschool Programs

"Everything was great! The students were introduced to a new activity that got them to interact in a different way with each other. I also liked how a variety of different cultures were emphasized and shown as being important and worthwhile. We had an excellent experience with the instructor. She was punctual, great with the kids, energetic, a good teacher, and easy to work and communicate with. The students were instructed well in all areas. How to be a polite dance partner was emphasized. On a scale of 1-10 you get a 10 for Professionalism, Enjoyment and Instruction Quality! We would definitely be interested in using your services again in the future for our Spring and Fall Clubs."
- Lauren Gardner, Enrichment Program Sponsor, Arlington, VA

Social Skills - Public Schools

"My daughter tells me that she enjoys the Ballroom Dance Club. She is a big fan of Dancing with the Stars so I am glad that she likes it and hopefully she will continue with it. I would love to see her doing the stuff they do on TV!" - Melissa Perry-Lawrence, Enrichment Program Sponsor, Arlington, VA 

Social Skills - Private Schools

"The Back to Basics program is a great opportunity for students to expand and improve their social skills.   Mrs. Block is a wonderful teacher and our students are lucky to have such a unique and exciting program available to them." - Tara Quaadman, Enrichment Coordinator, Private School, Arlington, VA

Social Skills - Non Profit

Back to Basics was a fantastic program provided for our high school. The instructor worked with over 30 high school students and was very patient with the students as she provided them a chance to learn while having fun." - Deena Disraelly, Director of Building Better Futures College Leadership Program for At Risk Youth, Alexandria, VA

Social Graces - Homeschool Association

"Thank you so very much for making the "Father-Daughter Tea Dance" such a huge success!! I know all the fathers and daughters thoroughly enjoyed their evening together and it will be one they will always remember. You are so graceful and fluent in all your dancing movements! I really enjoyed your demonstration of the Swing with helpful tips. I know the girls appreciated the arm sytling sesson as they learned to move with artistry and grace. It was particularly fascinating to learn about Leading and Following and watching you follow your partner's lead with your eyes completely shut! Your choice of words were wonderfully matched for the evening too. Thank you, especially for your perfect example of how a young lady can dance with spunk and spirit without a flirtatioous or seductive air about it. I would have thought this hard to convey, but you showed the fun and "sassy" side of dancing with such a natural ease and grace. I am sure you have inspired some families to continue taking dancing lessons. Thank you again so much for giving my girls and husband the opportunity to learn the finer points of dancing and to learn from an expert. They really had a fantastic time together. " - Therese Lawless, Virginia Homeschooling Association

Social Graces

"The coaching was definitely worthwhile and excellent quality lessons. What I liked most about our experience with instructor was she was able to keep middle school students engaged and serious while still enjoying the activity, all at the same time. Meanwhile the curriculum also covered teamwork, etiquette, and consideration of others. We definitely would like to use the services of your company again in the future. Even the kids say they want you back for next year's Promenade Gala!"
- Amanda Upton, parent co-chair for Victorian Society, January 2008

Social Skills

"I was delighted and surprised to see how engaged the kids were thanks to your supportive yet structured teaching style. By accommodating different learning styles the children participated while having fun! Thank you Back to Basics!" -- Catherine Aselford, Director: Gunston Summer Theatre Arts Camp

Social Skills

"My daughter, who is normally shy and reluctant, looked forward to your classes thanks to your engaging personality. She enthusiastically recounted her experiences with me each day."-- Colleen Nevius, Mother of Maureen Nevius

First Job
“After school, I sometimes help my father at his company and often meet his clients. Now I will look and feel more composed in a professional environment.” - - Riley, 8th grade






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