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"Dancing, An All Natural High," Deborah Joy (Malkin) Block

US Department of State Magazine

Sept. 24, 2003

Performed in Washingtonian's Artists Hall of Fame Award winning program called: State of the Arts Dancer Deborah Joy and her entourage perform Tango, Ballroom and Latin dances in the Exhibit Hall.

The Foreign Affairs Recreation Association and the State of the Arts Cultural Series recently hosted a colorful variety of entertainment for State Department employees. The series included, Latin dances, classical and ragtime piano, French art songs and a cellist. The sereis began with ample serviings of tango and salsa by Deborah Joy and (her enterouge of professional dancers.)

Washingtonian Magazine

"Start On The Right Foot: Worried About That First Dance? Here Are Good Steps to Take," Cindy Rich, Senior Writer

For many brides and grooms, a first dance isn't really a dance. They stand in place and sway, whisper, and kiss. I'd always found it romantic. But when I got engaged, my fiancé saw it differently: Those couples, he said, didn't know how to dance. Neither did we. So we took our four left feet and our first-dance song, a Billy Joel ballad to Alexandria . Our instructor, Deborah Joy, introduced us to the "Foxy," a slower version of the foxtrot. Its "walk, walk, sway, sway" pattern seemed doable. We'd have five private sessions to choreograph our 2 ½ minute wedding song.

"The diaphragm is the center of dance," Deborah said. If we used good posture and looked into each other's eyes, and "invisible current" would flow between us and keep us in sync. She was right: Whenever I looked at my feet, we stumbled. Deborah suggested that we make it a date, so we turned lessons into dinner and dancing. It became a welcome weekly escape from seating charts and floral arrangements.

We learned enough steps to feel like dancers. We practiced at home. We took our last lesson a week before the wedding so we wouldn't forget anything. Then came the wedding…We laughed and enjoyed the moment...We're glad we took lessons, even if we do our fanciest footwork in the living room.


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Featured again in the January 2004 Issue of
State Magazine - reprinted in part.


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